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0 - 14 Months or Walking

(if 13 months & walking, can attend toddler classes)

So many magical adventures await you and your baby. Every week you and your little one will be transported into a sensory rich world full of wonderful activities that will captivate and stimulate them. Everything from balloons, instruments, bubbles, scarves, parachute games, nursery rhymes and action songs, puppet shows, light shows, ball games, ideas for play, makaton signing and much more.

13 Months - 4 Years Old

If you have an inquisitive, active, curious and fun toddler who loves to play then they will definitely love Toddlers at Simply Sensory!

Our classes are full of creative and fun activities that encourage toddlers to engage their brain and complete tasks, to work on their fine motor skills, develop a sense of imagination and gain vital language and communication skills that will support them in their ever growing world. 

The activities are all age appropriate and vary from week to week so no two weeks are the same. Every week is a new adventure and theme but still the same amount of fun.

We know children learn best and retain the most information when they engage all their senses. As a result our school sessions are aimed at encouraging children to use and develop all their senses. The sessions will encourage the growth of childrens cognitive skills, language development, social interaction, problem solving, gross and fine motor skills all whilst being fun and interactive.

The active sessions the children will be engaging in will involve a variety of stimulus including, music, movement, sensory equipment, songs, rhymes, makaton and musical instruments.